Hey everyone, we’re not dead. Quite the opposite! We got really busy with Life Stuff and had to put the podcast on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean it’s done. Once the dust settles a bit more, we’ll see about getting the show back on the road. Until then, take a moment to reevaluate your entire life.

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Podcast 16 – “Long Live Television”

In this edition, Wes and Rod begin by giving the growing Occupy Wall Street movement a second look. Then, in the spirit of corporations, they reflect on the life and accomplishments of the late Steve Jobs (maybe you’ve heard of him). Things really heat up during Question Time, when a discussion about television shows leads to a Gleeful argument.

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Podcast 15 – “Nugget Pouch”

After a brief hiatus, Wes and Rod mount their noble microphone steeds and barge their way back onto the internet. They begin by swapping tales from their East Coast adventures, followed by a discussion over the future of tablet computing. Then the two jump back into listener emails, tackling topics such as unavailable women and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Enthusiasm!

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Podcast 14 – “The Sweatcast”

Grab your water bottle and towel, because in this invigorating episode, Wes and Rod discuss the intricacies of different exercise programs, including the trendy P90X. Then online dating is brought to the table for a little Pillow Talk.

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Podcast 13 – “Donut Money”

In their triumphant return, Wes and Rod launch the podcast with some tales from San Diego Comic-Con, followed by Rod reliving his encounter with the GRE. Google+ makes an appearance on the discussion table, along with some Stock Talk about a doughy new IPO.

The rest of the episode is dedicated to answering listener mail, leading to topics such as meeting new people, annoying office mates, and why we even started this silly podcast thing in the first place.

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Quick update!

Wes will be at the big Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, so the next podcast won’t be out until the middle of next week! Sorry about the delay, but it’ll be good! We promise! Maybe!

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