Podcast 15 – “Nugget Pouch”

After a brief hiatus, Wes and Rod mount their noble microphone steeds and barge their way back onto the internet. They begin by swapping tales from their East Coast adventures, followed by a discussion over the future of tablet computing. Then the two jump back into listener emails, tackling topics such as unavailable women and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Enthusiasm!

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4 Responses to Podcast 15 – “Nugget Pouch”

  1. corinne says:

    Haha that was me at SPX, and I seem to have come back, so you’re fine. Um, if you liked the cookies, the recipe is here: http://wp.me/p1yRGR-g2

  2. SP (or Stephen) says:

    Kinda sucks for you guys that you take over a month to record a podcast, then a day afterwards a bombshell like Steve Jobs dying happens.

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