Podcast 16 – “Long Live Television”

In this edition, Wes and Rod begin by giving the growing Occupy Wall Street movement a second look. Then, in the spirit of corporations, they reflect on the life and accomplishments of the late Steve Jobs (maybe you’ve heard of him). Things really heat up during Question Time, when a discussion about television shows leads to a Gleeful argument.

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2 Responses to Podcast 16 – “Long Live Television”

  1. EMWBJR says:

    So, I haven’t actually watched Glee, but I understand what you’re saying. The only show that I can think of that follows the kind of formula you’re referring to is Degrassi. Degrassi first started in 1979 and it follows a formula of graduating seniors and incoming freshman, and the alumni tend to come back as faculty and staff of Degrassi High School. The last episode was made 24/Oct/11 and it’s still ongoing.

  2. Tony Science says:

    I think that the friction that’s occuring is because Rod is taking the example provided as “Glee follows the format of American Idol completely.” I think Wes means that it is like Idol in that it’s about music and there is/will be a revolving cast. That said, I’ve never watched Glee and I don’t watch Idol either (becuase I don’t have a girlfriend).

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